executive day

Executive Day

"Today's dreamer will be tomorrow's entrepreneur"


Our budding engineers will step into the world of corporate within no time. To give them the feel of their upcoming professional life the first day of Felicific 2020 is Executive day. With shirts, suits and ties students will dress tip top to impress. This day is specially kept to get students used to the environment of corporate.

Character day

Character Day


Whether it's the topper of the class or someone who seldom ply their books, one thing which is common in every student is their amusement for cinema. Keeping this in mind the second day of Felicific 2020 is Character day. Students will dress up as their favorite TV, movie or web series character. It can be as simple as someone with a t-shirt or a marvel superhero. Use your imagination to be the character you always wanted to be.

Traditional day

Traditional Day


The theme of Felicific 2020 is Indian festival and culture, how could we do the fest without an aesthetic day. The third day of Felicific 2020 is Traditional day. Right from saree's to kurta's everyone will dress traditionally to pay tribute to our diverse and beloved culture. This day is kept to remind students of their roots and worldwide cherished dressing of India.

Patriotic day

Patriotic Day


The fourth day of Felicific 2020 is Patriotic day to honour our incredible nation and it's brave and fearless soldiers. Students can either cloth as the tricolor of our flag or esteem the soldiers by wearing camouflage clothes. Our nation and the saviour of the nation do a lot for us, by keeping the patriotic day in our small way we want to thank them for their service.

Group  day

Group Day

"Ye dosti hum nahi chhodenge"


One thing we will surely take from our college life is our friends and memories with them. The fifth day of Felicific 2020 is the Group day. Students will synchronise with their group and wear similar clothes with their own special slogans. It is a chance to show that your group got that swag!